Projekt Possible
Episode 43

Episode 43: Mastering First Dates and Arguments with AJ Roberts and Jennie Cwikla

Brendon Kozack published on

Jaw-droppingly awesome is the way to explain both this episode of Projekt Possible and the story behind AJ's recent proposal to Jennie. AJ is a world-renowned entrepreneur and past world record holder in powerlifting. Jennie matches his strength as the CEO of her own nutrition and training company, as well as past World's Strongest Woman competitor.

Whenever AJ speaks you should have a pen ready, and in this case he isn't preaching business or powerlifting: Instead, his advice just might change the way you date.

We all know fighting is part of being in a relationship, and Jennie and AJ share their tips on how to have the most positive argument.

Press play now to hear the words of the second power couple brave enough to bare it all on our relationship series.

You can find out what AJ is up to at Jennie's website is, and she also has a Facebook page: Valkyrie Athletics.

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