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Episode 46

Episode 46: Leanna Carr on Internet Trolls, Figure Shows, and Powerlifting Goals

Brendon Kozack published on

We are on a roll with episodes that will blow your mind with awesomeness, including this show with Leanna Carr. Leanna is a powerlifter, pro figure competitor, and athlete, and as a woman who's excelled in both worlds of aesthetics and performance, she offers one of the most unique perspectives on body image we've ever heard. 
You'll learn about how her training and nutrition differ depending on the show or meet she's getting ready for, and our hosts and Leanna also share surprising advice on how to become the best at the sport of your choice. 
Got people hating on your Instagram posts? Leanna's heard it all - from critiquing her bench form to criticizing her body because she "looks like a man." Listen now to find out how she responds to internet trolls, and more.

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