Projekt Possible
Episode 48

Episode 48: Boosting Creativity - On Naming Things, Drama Productions, Business, and Blogging

Brendon Kozack published on

You are creative. Yes, you, reading this! Even if you're like Brendon and couldn't win a pictionary game if your life depended on it - you're an artist and on episode 48 of Projekt Possible we want to help you discover that.

Brendon has a knack for naming things and shows his strategy, Brittney reveals her blogging process, and both tell the creative parts of owning a business and share the fears when it comes to launching creative work into the world. Press play now and stick around until the finale where Brittney performs the song, "I Ain't No Willie Nelson." This show will leave you fired up to try something new and discover the creativity that's already inside you.

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