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Episode 57

Episode 57: Julie Foucher on Silver Linings and Smashing Limits

Brendon Kozack published on

Julie Foucher - if you know her and love her you'd probably agree that she embodies everything Projekt Possible's about. She shares how the only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves and tells tales of seeing the silver lining in situations as severe as a torn achilles in her last competitive CrossFit Games season. From childhood to medical school and podcasting you'll be overflowing with inspiration when you hear the biggest lessons she's learned. Beginning CrossFitters will receive advice from one of the best, go-getters will gain insight to transform morning routines, and fitness fanatics will find out the REAL secret to getting abs like Julie. Brittney judges the power of the podcast by its ability to bring her to tears, and this one made her almost cry twice. Don't waste another minute before pressing play on episode 57 with Julie Foucher.

Julie can be found on all socials by searching "Julie Foucher." Her podcast, "Pursuing Heath" is on iTunes and Stitcher. Her website is

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