Projekt Possible
Episode 59

Episode 59: On Confidence and Overcoming Fear

Brendon Kozack published on

On episode 59 of Projekt Possible, Brendon and Brittney do what they do best and ask each other the hard questions about all things confidence, self-awareness, and fear-related. Whether you're fearing you're going to miss when you begin your descent into the dip for your split jerk, or you think you might fail miserably at launching a new business this is the show for you. Brittney shares how she overcame the fear of not being credible enough to start her own company, and Brendon tells about an interesting recent risk he took to move his life a little closer to the one of his dreams. Press play now and get your pen ready, because Brendon and Brittney provide you with a little confidence-inducing playlist as well as homework that just might open up a whole new world of possibilities in your life.

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