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Episode 60

Episode 60: Jim Demeray on Understanding Our Mental State to Increase Society's Happiness

Brendon Kozack published on

We all pretty well get physical health: we get colds, some people get chronic illnesses; we can neglect our bodies by eating processed foods and avoiding exercise until we become sick. So why have we had such a hard time grasping the importance of mental health?

In our first episode with a guest direct from the mental health space Brendon and Brittney take the perspective of total beginners stepping out of the fitness world and into the mental health arena to ask all the questions you might have about overcoming anxiety and depression and actually being happier. Ever wonder if being devastated after a rough breakup counts as depression? Wondering if talking to your friends about your struggle is good enough, or if you should seek professional help?

Jim Demeray, the owner of UnderstandUs - an organization dedicated to bringing awareness to mental health issues has answers and shares from his personal story. Jim's life took a turn when he lost his dad who struggled with depression. He discovered his own anxiety around the age of 26. Because of these and other circumstances in his life he decided he wanted to leave a legacy that cultivates an understanding of mental illness and increases collective happiness.

UnderstandUs' website is at, they can be found on Instagram @theunderstandus and twitter @understandus1.

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