Projekt Possible
Episode 9

How to get Rippling Abs (and More Importantly, Win at Lifting, Life, and Business) with Adee Zukier

Brendon Kozack published on

Episode 9 of Projekt Possible will make you feel as if you are hanging out in Adee's living room with her, Brendon, and Brittney all shamelessly wearing your activewear. This show, though chill in nature, is jam-packed with productivity hacks Adee used to manage her business as it grew from 5 clients to 1500 in less than a year. She also shares her own personal transformation story in which she faced a turning point when, at 45 lbs overweight and the age of 17, she was forced to step on a scale in front of her mother and a nutritionist. After this experience she worked with a number of coaches and is a prime example of the statement, "You don't pursue your passion; your passion pursues you" as what started as a hobby helping out a few people with their diets turned into her now enormous business Working Against Gravity. Adee also takes us into the minds of the best lifters and shares about the importance of developing in your personal life (she recommends the book Daring Greatly by Brene Brown). Nicknamed the Barbell Gypsy and yet managing to maintain perfect abs that ripple like a serene lake just struck by a stone, who is better to advise you on travel nutrition tips and simple steps to getting a six pack? Tune into this episode now; it just might be the motivation you're looking for to undergo your own transformation.

Adee is a national level weightlifter who you might also find bobsledding or competing in Grid, CrossFit, or powerlifting. She is the founder of WAG. You can find Adee on Instagram @adeezukier and @workingagainstgravity. Their website is and you can email her at

Be sure to follow Brendon and Brittney on Instagram @crossfitvillains and @idealisticisabel for the latest Projekt Possible Updates and to see who will be on the show next. You're on Brendon's site right now - click "About us" to get a hold of him. To find Brittney and learn more about Projekt Possible, the Program go to

Thanks, listeners, for 9 episodes!

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