Projekt Possible
Episode 35

Lifting for Life: On Benching, Inventing, Drugs, and Motivation with Mark Bell

Brendon Kozack published on

If you're lacking motivation, you won't be after tuning into episode 35 with Mark Bell. The owner of Super Training Gym has a way with words - and powerlifting numbers - that are nearly impossible to top. Hear his story (almost like a fairytale) of inventing the Slingshot - a device that changed bench pressing forever, and his plans to push a 600-lb barbell off of his chest. Mark also offers advice on how to take your lifts to the next level by tweaking your program, setting intentions, and making the most of your environment - and in a classic Projekt Possible fashion, Brendon asks a question others might be afraid to bring up - about performance enhancing drugs (and their use in CrossFit).

Whether you love a podcast with stories you can get lost in, passion to push you to take action, or tactics you can apply starting today, this show has all the ingredients it takes to be one that changes your life.

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