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Episode 7

Master of All Trades - Business, Barbells, Dating, and Dieting with Marc Morris

Brendon Kozack published on

In episode seven we talk with "Jack of All Trades" (who still finds a way to master them all), Marc Morris, about everything from business to barbells, and from dieting to dating.  Marc is a sponsored athlete, men's physique champion, powerlifting national and North American medalist, and entrepreneur completing his PhD in nutrition.  His championship extends into his personal life: he tells his long-distance dating turned engagement success-story (and shares his secret); when speaking of his fiancée his words exude happiness.  Marc shows us how passion can pervade every area of your life, and through his stories and endeavours he challenges our idea of what "work-life balance" really is.  Thinking of starting your own business, mastering social media, getting strong AF, leaning out, or finding your swolemate?  Marc is your man.  Listen now for specific strategies, and email him at if you need further nutrition or strength help, or check him out on Instagram @marcwmorris
Marc's recommended reading - So Good They Can't Ignore You 
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