Projekt Possible
Episode 23

Mastering the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and Gratitude with Matt Bruce

Brendon Kozack published on

Learn how to lift massive amounts of weight overhead from the man who coached Brooke Ence to a win in the clean and jerk event at the 2015 CrossFit Games. Matt Bruce has been to 7 world championships under renowned strength coach Gayle Hatch who he describes as a father-figure. His personal records are a 342 lb snatch and 422 lb clean and jerk at 187 lbs body weight. Bruce is the co owner of brUTE strength, owner of Bruce Barbell weightlifting, and he's also a Special Ed. teacher. If you want to learn how to be beyond grateful for life, how to masterfully balance your time, or how to lift insane weight - you need to tune in NOW to listen to this fine storyteller from New Orleans, LA.

Drop in for free at Bruce Barbell if you're in Baton Rouge, LA. Check out if you want online coaching from the best in the game.

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