Projekt Possible
Episode 20

Mike Bledsoe and Chris Moore on Training and Bringing your Best to the World - Part 1

Brendon Kozack published on

Few people on earth can relate everything back to training like the guys from Barbell Shrugged. It's nothing shy of amazing, really - and this episode (the first of two parts) will 100% leave your mind blown. From meditation to getting strong as hell, these two entrepreneurs (or artists?) really do tell you exactly how to level up in life and business. Also, curious as to what's really going down behind the scenes at the Barbell Shrugged office? No, they aren't in the Bahamas, chillin' with their feet up (and the office is actually a garage), but they are cracking down on some seriously transformational shit - and Chris discloses some insider info on this episode. Brace yourselves, because gainz are coming your way on an entirely new level.

Learn more by visiting or You can follow Mike on Instagram @mikebledsoe and Chris @barbellbuddha. Also, be sure to check out Chris' own podcast "Barbell Buddha" for highly intentional ramblings.

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