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Episode 14

David Morrison - Guts Greatness Glory

Joel Limcangco published on

Today's guest is David Morrison, the man behind Guts Greatness Glory. Dave transitioned out of a 20 plus year corporate career into a booming health and wellness business that specializes in helping others achieve their goals through nutritional rebalancing, building secondary streams of income, and mindset coaching.

Many people dream of leaving the corporate world to strike it out on their own, and Dave was actually able to successfully do it.

Dave is a master at Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) which is widely acknowledged as the most effective method for creating and developing a person's success mindset.

In this show, you’ll learn about the steps that are taken to develop a success mindset which allows you to uncover what you value in your life that drives you to achieve your life's goals.

Dave also reveals his successful property investing journey and Matt shares his expertise in property development applications and commercial property investment strategies.


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