Quantum Physiques 2016

Old School Quantum Physiques!

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This is one of the original episodes of Quantum Physiques with Brian Cunningham.  Want more of the classic episodes?  Send us a message!

New Vitamin Discovered: Host  Brian  Cunningham  discusses how  'Vitamin  G'  could save your life and change your bad habits!

Can Yoga give you super human intelligence? Plus, what is   Paleo  Brain?   Brian says this new way of thinking can help you solve all your problems!

The number one proven religion to give you   more  wealth ,  health  and  happiness?   What is it?  Find out tonight on   Quantum  Physiques  Radio  with  Brian  Cunningham!



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    A classic episode of Quantum Physiques, courtesy of Brian Cunningham, Jeff The Producer & MuscleTalkRadio.Com! Be sure to check out our all new radio show on JTPRomano.Com - The JTP & Romano Show - with Jeff The Producer and John Romano!