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Episode 60

Measuring In Millimeters

Ronchy Streams Again published on

Random Podcast Generator: Season 3, Episode 10   

In a very freak turn of events, BlossomingSun's internet went out right before recording this podcast. With that being said, Nannercat took it upon himself to lead the pack! Originally, the podcast was going to have IcePheonix5 as their guest, but with the BlossomingMishap, Nanner recruited EasyWatcher and EtheriousFox to join the chat! BABY BOI, WE ARE GOING THERE TODAY!!! Blossom is not going to like this one at all. Enjoy the shitshow!

 Please check out @BlossomingSun or @NannercatTV on Twitter to request the form to fill out if you're interested in being on our podcast!

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