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Episode 1

Episode 1 - Hugh Rumbaugh

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Episode 1 - Hugh Rumbaugh

Welcome to the very first episode of Real Entrepreneurship with Jerry Kenna.  In this episode we interview Real Estate Investor, Hugh Rumbaugh.

During this episode we discuss getting into the real estate world, what it really takes to make it in business, and how it's not always glamourous.

We also discuss the education crisis in America and how to keep a reasonable work life balance when hustling as an entrepreneur.

Hugh Rumbaugh is a real estate investor in the Pittsburgh area that focuses on both renovating and reselling homes as well as long term rental investments.  He's an interesting guy that's been around and see a lot.  Definitely worth the time to listen.

Being this is our first ever podcast, we are a little disappointed with the audio quality, but fear not because we upgraded our microphones for episode 2 so it turned out much better!

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