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Episode 3

Episode 3 - Brian Marra

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Episode 3 - Brian Marra

In this episode I sit down with Brian Marra.

Brian Marra is the definition of an entrepreneur.  Working for someone else has never been an option for Brian and he's always hungry for more.  Brian spent several years owning and operating several cellular phone stores and many other businesses.  He's now the CEO and Founder of Marra Enterprises, Inc. which owns Un-Flood-It, a water restoration company based in the Pittsburgh area and NicAnt, LLC a small real estate investment company.

Un-Flood-It specializes in water restoration and mold remediation.  He felt that the way to provide the highest level of service in the restoration industry was to solely focus and specialize in water related issues.  

During our chat we discuss how entrepreneurship is in your blood, how to embrace the talents that your kids are born with, how business owners risk it all to accomplish our dreams, and much more.


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