Real Entrepreneurship with Jerry Kenna
Episode 4

Episode 4 - Gerald Irwin III

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Ladies and Gentlemen - 

Our fourth episode of Real Entrepreneurship with Jerry Kenna is now live.  In this episode I sit down with Gerald Irwin III, a real estate agent from the Pittsburgh area that is getting it done in style.  Gerry works with the Realty One Real Estate Brokerage and has created a team of agents that are taking the Pittsburgh Real Estate market by storm.

During this episode Gerry and I discuss how he got started as a real estate agent, how he uses social media marketing to keep in touch with his network, and how and why he got involved in luxury listings of a million dollars and higher.  We also talk about his time with Crypto currency, family, and how the hustle of entrepreneurship is not for the weak minded or the lazy, but for those of us that love the process and the grind as much (if not more) than the success.

I really enjoyed my time sitting down with Gerry.

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