Real Rover
Episode 5

Animal communication with a Japanese pioneer (Japanese language interview)

John Craig published on

Keiko Watt is a Japanese woman living in a very small community of British Columbia, Canada. She works as an animal 'soul leve'l communicator i.e. she can communicate at a deep levels with animals. She shares how it is their relationship with humans that reveals so much about both us and them. Her journey to this small town with only one shop, where she is the only Japanese, unfolds as a story of great determination against language problems, cultural difficulties and of course financing a huge shift in lifestyle-from Hokkaido in Japan's far North to Canada. She started  started a formal study of soul level animal communication in 2016 and is the only Japanese to graduate from the Danielle MacKinnon school of animal communication. You can find her website by googling Keiko Watt. Now a Canadian citizen she shows us how it is only deep determination against the odds that will move us from one country to another in the long run. This is the first of many interviews conducted entirely in Japanese.

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