Real Rover
Episode 22

Biohacking with Kiki Bosch

John Craig published on

She sits quietly on the edge of an ice floe for a photo shoot after having just come out of the Greenland Sea @ minus three degrees celsius. Extraordinary adventures and experiments with one's own physiology we call biohacking these days. In this uplifting interview we share the inside experiences of a woman who has dedicated herself to pushing her own physiology and consciousness far beyond the norm. Her rallying call is Disturb the Comfort and that is exactly what she does. A life of travel and exploration led her from free diving to the frigid power of freezing water and clearly helped her overcome the single biggest trauma she had ever experienced. Spiralling in and out of helplessness and depression from it she found, like her mentor the 'Iceman' fellow Dutchman Wim Hof, that cold is the noble force that takes us out of ourselves and thus deeply back into ourselves through a paradox well known to shamans throughout time. She inspires us with news that a new tribe has arrived on Earth and they do not just disturb our comfort zones where we languish in apathy far too much..they comfort the disturbed. From where REal Rover comes from that looks like most of the planetary community right now. Check out her website and videos here.

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