Real Rover
Episode 11

Conductive medicine: Intuition Physician Dr. Laura Koniver connects us to Earth

John Craig published on

It was an AHA moment when a medical doctor realised why her child was crying constantly, a moment not even years of training had hinted at. In this passionately stated interview Dr. Koniver shares something you REALLY need to know about i.e. grounding your human body to Earth. With a refreshing and vivacious spirit of rebellion against a dead medical system that tries to keep people alive at any cost, her completely positive perspective on how we can transform our understanding of health today could be the best news you have ever heard. Rather than focus on the many years of double blind studies as well as a plethora of anecdotal evidence from her patients Dr. Koniver draws the broad strokes for us. In this no holds barred conversation about conductivity in every cell she shares why your brain, bones and blood need to get grounded to your planet for better sleep, for weight loss and mostly for a new quality in your life. Ultimately it is about the very real prospect of getting up every morning truly expectant of having a great day. Listen and learn folks..this matters!

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