Real Rover
Episode 6

Earth Walker Paul Coleman

John Craig published on

Earth Walker Paul Coleman takes us on a quixotic life journey planting trees all over the planet to address one of the most pressing problems of our age: what difference can we make in the midst of environmental catastrophe? His astonishing walk around the world truly matters. With no means of support, no sponsors at the beginning, and nothing but a fairy tale dream, inspired by Iceland, he shows you what one person can do who believes the vision. With unrelenting humour he shares the life that began as a Rolls Royce chauffeur to Royals, with all of the wealth and connections such a life bestows, and then completely shifted to that of a pilgrim wanderer on a quest to plant one tree for every person who died in the great wars of the twentieth century. He has accomplished at least ten percent of the 100 million trees target through sheer power of imagination and commitment. Now 63 he lives with his wife in a place he chose so she could be safe and happy, in a house they built themselves in Patagonia. After hearing him you may no longer be able to put off that dream that we all must surely harbour in our souls. A magus of dreaming!

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