Real Rover
Episode 26

Earthing Physicist: Dr. Gaetan Chevalier

John Craig published on

Earthing has now firmly taken its place in the world of natural health and healing. However the science, where is the science we so often hear. Well here it is! Beginning with his research as a plasma physicist working on nuclear fusion machines Dr. Chevalier takes us through the progression of connections that leads to Japan's legendary Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama and his work with him up to his current position assisting Deepak Chopra and Clint Ober in finding out what happens when the body gets connected to Earth. How about one second for the autonomic nervous system to change? How about pain relief in a few moments? What are the implications for diabetes, auto immune diseases and the plethora of ills that seem to have deluged our societies since we invented insulated soles on our shoes? This is paradigm shifting at its best since it is clear from over 15 peer reviewed studies that the effects are real and that there is a science behind it still in its development stages. See the youtube version here and Dr. Chevalier's bio here

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