Real Rover
Episode 15

Ecospiritual visionary Satish Kumar

John Craig published on

Imagine walking from the grave of your teacher's inspiration, Mahatma Gandhi on a marathon walk for peace that was inspired by the arrest of the UK philosopher Bertrand Russell. Satish Kumar, a Jain monk who became a disciple of legendary Gandhian activist and reformer Vinoba Bhave. He is perhaps Britain's best known spokesman for a sane and sustainable society. An educator who created the first truly holistic education to be accredited by regular university authorities he was also the long time editor of Resurgence magazine. Tirelessly campaigning for peace and simple elegance in our lifestyle he is a long term resident of the Uk and now lives in Devon where Schumacher College, his brainchild, is centred. In this interview the Indian concept of four ashranas, or stages of life is used to cover his journey as an earth pilgrim thus far. Satish Kumar truly is a man for our times since he combines a grounded vision of ecology, economy, science, art, crafts and right livelihood.  The key words Soil, Soul and society conjoin as major themes in his life work.

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