Real Rover
Episode 19

Elephants in the sky: Leading water research by Professor Gerald Pollack

John Craig published on

We start with a zen riddle in this interrupted-by-internet-breakdown interview, essentially asking how clouds really form. Professor Gerald Pollack is a world renowned scientist from the University of Washington whose landmark book, The Fourth Phase of Water challenged the long held belief (not fact) that water can only exist as a solid, liquid, or vapour. Long and patient research in his laboratory has revealed one more 'state' or phase of water..closer to a gel or a semi-crystallised snow flake. Even more astonishing that is the kind of water we are made of-in our cellular structures. With great humour and panache Dr. Pollack takes us through and past long held superstitions about water and shows us how light and electricity play a far greater role in water's movement than we have previously assumed. He shows us just how regimented science has become and how to overcome the limitations of its own restictive paradigms through the creation of the Institute for Venture Science. Since water molecules are so abundant in Life his research has literally stunning implications. Listen please and be enlightened!

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