Real Rover
Episode 12

Energy Body Healing with Alma Lightbody

John Craig published on

Medicine Beach lies just across the ocean from Alma Lightbody's home. For thousands of years the first people here knew that healing needs a medicine penetrating far deeper than the physical body alone.  Alma awoke to such energy medicine later in life as a medical technologist more familiar with the allopathic paradigm of treating ills. She combines the pragmatism of a successful entrepreneur with the sensitivity of one who knows that the healing comes from within us ultimately and that we ourselves must determine the conditions of our lives and health. During this interview we discover that Alberto Villoldo, a world renowned Light Body healer working with the Quero medicine men and women of Peru connects both the interviewer and the interviewee. Alma means soul in Spanish and Lightbody, her own original name means what it says. And so does she..

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