Real Rover
Episode 27

ET contact and disclosure in Japan with Greg Sullivan

John Craig published on

Welcome to the real twilight zone, the one they will tell you does not exist. New York born Greg Sullivan, mentored by world renowned disclosure expert Dr. Steven Greer, has been teaching ET contact protocols in Japan for years and has a truly unique story to tell of how high level obfuscation, cover ups and sheer bad will have clouded this single most important issue for all of us (in my humble opinion) i.e. extraterrestrial contact. Dr. Greer's decades long effort to clear a path through this murky story have been exemplary and have culminated in the Netflix film Unacknowledged. Greg shows us how not only is disinformation about UFO phenomena the norm but that they are being manipulated through ARV. These are human made and piloted Alien Reproduction Vehicles that form a part of the extraordinary narrative he shares with us. Throughout Japan Greg has taught people how to make contact, film it and document it in a way that is both enlightening and highly enjoyable, thus arresting the tired old image of 'nasty aliens who abduct people'. That was always a con job from the start by three letter agencies. As a contactee myself with years of experience in the field I can attest to the veracity of his statements and fully support both his and Dr. Greer's work. Greg Sullivan is a great example of a man with a clear mission, one that is vitally important now in Japan to clear away so much of the UFO nonsense still being peddled. Bravo!

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