Real Rover
Episode 3

Finding Your Butkus: The warrior artist and the emmy

John Craig published on

Join Bob Mueller for an hour of real inspiration, joy and tough-guy tactics. Follow his extraordinary life journey to age 61 as he transforms a Canadian carpenter into an emmy award winning artist. Learn from Bob how every life can become extraordinary as he gleans wisdom from almost half a century of Japanese martial arts practise in combination with theĀ  hard working application of karate philosophy. The Law of attraction will never work until you take action, and that is what Bob does best. With an unassuming eloquence he shares the real journey, against all odds, of how a true blue fan of American football's greatest hero, Dick Butkus, takes that passion and rediscovers the artist in himself. Imagine Bruce Lee meeting Anthony Robbins..they are then joined by Matisse for a tete a tete. Bob is a true warrior artist who takes us to that inevitable fact: that we all came here with a unique vibratory signature .. that is what gives us the greatest joy. To find it you have to look for it first, really look! Dick Butkus revealed Bob's genius. Who or what will reveal yours?

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