Real Rover
Episode 23

Kazuya Yokozawa the stone flautist (Japanese language interview)

John Craig published on

One day the already well practised flautist was told to blow on a stone flute. This is not exactly an instrument since no human hand had anything to do with its formation. Apparenly small crabs excrete an acidic substance on rocks to slowly create holes into which they will burrow their future homes. This make the stone flute a completely natural creation. To play it then requires an entirely different approach to 'music' as he explains to us. The Shinto priest who encouraged him to start also reprimanded him for having an attitude of 'practise' since this device can be considered a way of inviting the Gods to come to us. "Could you rehearse a talk with God" he quips? Or would you give that moment your full attention, with no intention of showing off, sounding perfect or even making any musical sense? Like a zen riddle you cannot really learn to play the stone flute, you have to just just press it to your lips and see what happens! In the future this interview will be subtitled on film for those of us not fluent in Japanese as he most certainly is! See him here give a short blast!

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