Real Rover
Episode 20

Microbial intelligence and complexity with Tatiana Kassessinoff PhD

John Craig published on

Tatiana Kassessinoff PhD certainly knows her chemistry and knows how important a role science plays in our understanding of health and well being. She also has a clear understanding of the problems scientists face due to not seeing the proverbial forest for the trees. We constitute the forest and yes we BE the tree. The great dichotomy of delving perhaps too deeply into the chemical engines of our bodies, the protein machines that make us tick, comes down to this: Does it really make us whole, healthy and vibrant as human beings? Given the dismal track record of just how seriously our health has degenerated (if you doubt it walk outside and look at obesity, depression, chronic psycho-somatic syndromes and most of all lack of vivacity) we look deeper into the human condition in this episode. Drawing from a wealth of experience including transformational analysis, shamanism and work for the National Institute of Health in the US Tatiana shows us that rare talent of a true 'mad scientist' i.e. one who can step beyond the confines of a necessarily limited scientific paradigm and join the dots towards holistic wisdom. In an age when we have never become this unhealthy , this confused and this much in a hurry to heal it all with a soundbyte or two, her guidance and her balanced approach could not have come sooner. Check out her own interviews at London Heal!

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