Real Rover
Episode 8

Shamanic Resurgence in London

John Craig published on

Urban shamanism: the proliferation of workshops and actual plant ceremonies in cities across the world is fast becoming a social statement perhaps of our dissatisfaction with the current medical approach to human dis-ease. Daren Ellis, a former graphic design artist provides a 'space' called Aho in East London where people can get connected to the profound power and transformative energy of sacred plants and other shamanic tools for exploring consciousness, purging our bodies of ill-ness and thus creating a stronger possibility of renewal. He shares his experiences with shamans from Siberia to Peru with a quiet understanding and a humble heart. Whether it is the Amazonian tree frog or the now (in)famous use of ayahuasca as well as techno-shamanic tools for hacking consciousness there is clearly a need for new ways and new understanding. This is where the 'archaic revival'  as Terence Mckenna so aptly called it, has resurged  into the social sphere the world's urban jungles..

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