Real Rover
Episode 7

The Electric Universe: Gettting connected with physicist Wal Thornhill

John Craig published on

For over two decades an Australian physicist has championed the revolutionary theory that our universe operates electrically. Though all of our modern science proves itself in mathematical theory it could actually have no true basis in fact. This potentially stunning conclusion becomes inescapable to any open minded enquiry as the interview unfolds. With a precise understanding of hard physics (as it used to operate), and a robust examination of the observed universe Thornhill has used a plethora of approaches to show us the obvious: our universe has its power source in electricity. His rational approach is multidisciplinary whilst never wavering from the fulcrum of real physics. He eschews the largely unintelligible gibberish of mathematical theory and grounds us in a return to sanity in science. Black holes, quantum physics, the expanding universe and multiple secret dimensions, the 'giants' like Einstein etc. all receive a thorough intellectual spanking by this master of understatement and poise. His calm delivery of the most shocking development of science in a century will question your most certain beliefs and give you hope for the future. Prepare yourself to get electrified!

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