Real Rover
Episode 10

Thinking allowed with Dr. Jeffrey Mishelove

John Craig published on

Parapsychology. How many people have an accredited degree in this field? One. Join Dr. Jeffrey Mishelove in a conversation about his decades long research and sharing of astonishing information about the still emerging new paradigms in science, healing, remote viewing, ancient archaeology, shamanism, dream research, spiritual experience, altered states, the afterlife and the most important of all: consciousness itself. His PBS television program enlightened millions from 1986 for almost two decades before he began the current New Thinking Allowed, available on youtube. He has interviewed hundreds of leading edge men and women in these areas with a careful, erudite and warm personality that this interview will clearly reveal. From the problems he has encountered as the first and foremost researcher to tackle issues that science still continues to belittle, through his singular study of a real psychokinesis subject the PK man, to where we are now in a world still amnesiac to the depths of the human soul he gives us hope and bids us connect as a new tribe of concerned and aware citizens who really need to know. What is the mind? What is reality and how do the two operate? A rare opportunity indeed to hear a truly wise man speak.

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