Real Rover
Episode 25

Zen abbot Muho: Sitting still and doing nothing

John Craig published on

The allure of zen began to tantalize the West back in the 1960's thanks to the brilliant books of the Japanese scholar and monk D.T. Suzuki and closely followed by eclectic philosopher Alan Watts and many others. They saw in zen perhaps a new clarity that Western religion and philosophy had long forsaken for sophistry,  tepid social morality and born again inanity in many cases. To the true seeker of wisdom zen had none of that and so we saw Bill and Steve, arguably the creators of our internet world take themselves to places like India and Esalen to get a taste of this new kid on the block; Zen Buddhism. Monasteries sprang up in the US and around the world to anchor people in this new approach to reality that could never get defined as this or even that. Zen busted apart all the conceptual greenhouses we tend to warm our spiritual selves inside. It was full of paradox, humour and searing honesty about the human condition. Abbot Muho, born in Germany truly is one of a kind. To become the abbot of a contemporary zen temple, Antaiji in Hyogo prefecture, he had to pursue the path of 'just sitting' for many years. It does not get any more bare naked than sky hooks, no promises of redemption, no heaven awaiting and certainly no place to go feel good about your spiritual 'life'. So what does zen do for you then, you who commit to sitting in zazen (meditation) day after day after day? Find out from one who should know...Information on temple here.

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