Real Women Real Issues with Teresa Mullaney
Episode 16

Lisa May Real Trail Blazer

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Lisa May,  A very special woman in my life,  

Her grandmother thought she was special at the age of 3, she thought that this may not be true as everybodys grand ma may say that to them,  

Lisa has a very important story to share.  In reality history is written by the victors and so the voice of minority can very much be lost.   Lisa is truly a child of the universe as she comes from a mixed heritage.   

She  has learned so much from her life she is able to allow others to be on their path and recognise it for what it is. She wants you to learn into your edge to go forward with your life and grow from there. 

Lisa did talk about how it was for her giving up her first child for adoption, aged 19. She has the support of a church community who helped her though and teach her some things that have helped her through out her life,  She talks about what it was like meeting her child as a grown adult.  

Lisa is totally honest and tells it like it is from her point of view.  She says we have choices, we can live anywhere and be anything we want to be.  

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