Episode 55

ReaperCast 55 - How are game communities evolving

Jack Zubyk published on

GRG Community Nights

  • Shooter McGavin FPS Mondays
  • ESO Dungeon Dives on Tuesday
  • Wednesday Night Community Night BF1 & Battlegrounds
  • Drunken Friday BF1

Gaming News

  • Xbox One Scorpio Specs    
  • XBox Game Sale 
  • Thor Ragnarak Trailer
  • Elder Scrolls Online Free to Play
  • Black Ops 2 Backward Compatible
  • Battlefield 1 Free map for Premium Members coming in June
  • Overwatch PvE Event - Uprising April 11- May 1st

Main Topic - How are game communities evolving with new ways to communicate?

  • Website/Forums
  • Social Media - Facebook/
  • Chat - Discord/Curse/Slack
  • Streaming based communities - Twitch/Beam
  • Console clubs
  • Was instant communication like texting the beginning of the change

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