Episode 57

ReaperCast 57 - Are Free to Play Models Hurting Gaming?

Jack Zubyk published on

GRG Community Nights

  • Shooter McGavin FPS Mondays
  • ESO Dungeon Dives on Tuesday
  • Wednesday Night Community Night BF1 & Battlegrounds/Arma
  • Drunken Friday BF1
  • Sunday Driving Forza Horizons 3

Gaming News

  • Player Unknown Battlegrounds coming to consoles
  • Overwatch makes over a billion in less than a year.
  • Paladins Open Beta
  • NBA Playgrounds Launch Limitations
  • Game of Thrones spinoffs?
  • Next Far Cry could be a Spaghetti Western

Main Topic - Are Free to Play Models Hurting Gaming

  • Does it help gamers try out things?
    • Compared to Demos in the past
  • Hurt the ADD gamer?
  • Cash shops

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