Episode 69

ReaperCast 69 - How do you like your Sci-Fi?

Jack Zubyk published on

Grim Reaper Gamers hosts a Bi-Weekly Podcast where we talk about Community News, Video Games, Beer and whatever else we feel like blabbing on about.   This week's main topic we discuss the the current gaming news and how we like our Sci-Fi.


Lala Rant

  • Destiny 2's Raid

Gaming News

  • Destiny news
    • Destiny Seasons
    • Token system will change for Iron Banner in season 2
    • Destiny PC release 10/24
  • Original Xbox Games Available
  • GTA 5: Rockstar didn’t feel single-player expansions “were either possible or necessary,” despite promising them at one point (keep or remove) (JH: If we keep, we may want to incorporate the news of the former Bioware dev that claims EA wants more open world games to push microtransactions?) Wolfenstein 2 only went with SP for better focus on that rather than diluting with MP
  • Dude Spends 15K on Mass Effect Microtransactions
  • Battlefront SP Campaign About 5 - 7 Hours
  • Walking Dead Episode 100

Main Topic - How do we like our Sci Fi?

  • Optimistic vs Dark or dystopian?
  • Realistic (achievable in near future) vs more speculative?
  • Looks at other civilizations or futuristic looks at ours?

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