Episode 40

The ReaperCast Episode 40 - Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 Beta

Jack Zubyk published on

GRG Community nights

  • Monday Night Halo - Well over 13 people showed up.  Crazy ass Customs
  • Wednesday Night Community Night BF1 Beta and Destiny
  • GRG WWE WrassleMania 2!  Customs battle royale coming soon!  Sign up now!
  • Bi-Weekly Thursday Night Battlefield 4
  • Klown running Drunken Friday(BF1 beta edition) Sept 2nd starting at 9pm

Gaming News 

  • Madden 17 released 8/23
  • Quick review of gameplay
  • No Man’s Sky refunds being offered by Steam, Sony, Amazon
  • Justified? Will Johnny have asked for a refund by then?
  • Ark: Scorched Earth Expansion
  • Overwatch Season 2 started 
  • Warcraft: Legion Expansion Release
  • PS+ september free PS4 games Lords of the Fallen and Journey available on 9/5

Main Topic - Betas for the fall releases

Titanfall 2

  • Pre-alpha version from June
  • 2 Titans available (Ion&Scorch), 6 available at launch
  • 3 game modes: Bounty Hunt(New and has AI), Amped Hardpoint(new spin on HP, no AI), Pilot vs Pilot
  • New Networks(Clans) functionality with a Happy Hour(double credits)
  • Have to earn your Titan
  • Solid Gunplay
  • Matchmaking is so much faster than TF1 was

Battlefield 1

  • Connection Issues - DDoS attachs
  • Random play issues
  • Vehicle Discussion
  • Game glitches with special classes
  • Map layout talks.  

Community Info

  • GRG Extra Life
  • Next show recorded on September 15th
  • GRG Facebook Page
  • Follow on twitter!
  • GRG page
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