Episode 41

The ReaperCast Episode 41 - Are Current Gamers Getting Screwed

Jack Zubyk published on

GRG Community nights

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  • Monday Night Halo - Another full room with customs and Big Team Battle
  • Wednesday Night Community Night -
  • Destiny Private Lobby
  • GRG WWE WrassleMania 2!  Customs battle royale coming soon!  Sign up now!
  • GRG Destiny Tournament!  Oct 5th  Sign ups in the forum

Gaming News 

  • No mods for Fallout 4 on PS4 - Sony blocked them
  • Ark: Scorched Earth thoughts
  • Destiny Rise of Iron Trailer released
  • Destiny Private Matches released
  • PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro announced
  • For Honor - Alpha Test this weekend
  • BF4 - All DLC is free to download until Sept. 19th
  • BF1 Beta 13.2 Million players

Main Topic - Has this Gen screwed the average gamer?

  • Broken games
  • Firmware setbacks
  • Not as good as last gen’s OS (Xbox One esp)
  • Network setbacks
  • Forcing players into pub matches rather than allowing clans
  • New console offerings mid gen
  • Confusion in marketplace
  • Are they upgrades or money grabs?
  • Pay to Win implemented
  • Endless grind vs being able to pay to get to a level
  • Game mechanics feel dull and compel you to pay to reach that next part
  • Need to pay to keep up with kids that don’t have as much going on in real world
  • Especially onerous when paying full price for the base game

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