Reasonably Reel
Episode 10

The Van Damage Action Show - 02/18/2018

Deadite Dave ???? published on

The Van Damage Action Show is a bi-weekly podcast that focuses on the long time great action movie star, Jean-Claude Van Damme as well as need-to-see action films. So, join stEVIL kinEVIL and his sister Nic Nightingale as they talk about Jean-Claude Van Damme on their bi- weekly action segment called, "The Van Damage Action Show!"

This week, we discuss The music videos that Jean-Claude Van Damme has made appearances in as well as the importance of movie soundtracks. VHS Action Review: Kill And Kill Again (1981).

Van Damage Playlist Link:

Intro/outro theme beats created by The Aphids, consisting of stEVIL kinEVIL (Steven Francis) and CoCo Bear (Cody Terry). For more informaiton on The Aphids, contact myself or CoCo Bear (Facebook: Cody Terry/Instagram: @cocobearsnake)

stEVIL kinEVIL - Instagram: @stevil.kinevil/Facebook: StEvil KinEvil/Letterboxd: eraserhead_666
Nicole: - Instagram: @glycerinequeen13/Facebook: Nicole Francis/Letterboxed

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