Reborn At 50
Episode 1

Introduction to Reborn at 50 with Howard

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Hello and welcome to my podcast Reborn at 50…

I am your host Howard Andrews

As the title suggests Reborn at 50 is all about people reaching 50- 55 who get that ARR HAA moment.    Asking deep questions like… Whats my purpose… Why am I here…How do I want to spend the rest of my days?….What routines, habits can I change to improve all aspects of my health.

   50 is a great time to make lasting changes…All it takes is Action Commitment and Will Power….You could end up like me a couple of weeks off 57 feeling better than I did in my 30’s + 40’s

Let me introduce my self. I am born and bred in Hull East Yorkshire…U.K. England

Up to the age of 40 I had no major health scares chasing around here there and everywhere doing a 9 -5 job raising a family with a typical meat and 2 veg diet with all the trimmings cereal, bread, crisps, biscuits chocolate etc.

I kept fairly active cycling to work.

    At 46 I got a job abroad in the Oil and Gas industry with free meals and cheap wine and beer available every evening…. I did 4 years of over indulging and developed a nice beer belly.....I had a realization moment getting on the helicopter  to go offshore my weigh in to my shock and horror read 95kg over 200 pounds..I decided to take action and started running and reduced my calories

Then Tragically one year later one of my work colleagues died suddenly of bowl cancer

This sparked my  research into health and longevity everything pointed to a healthy Diet …lifestyle and attitude….. Eat nutrients your body needs….Aviod foods that contaminate your cells…… Protect against heavy metals, toxins, chemicals…Remove poisons. bacteria and parasites…..Increase exercise fresh air and sunshine….good sleeping habits posture and gratitude meditation to name a few.

After trail and error I found a diet that suited me …Plant based raw food 80% with Cooked vegs in the evening.

I have been enjoying the benefits of my plant based diet for 4 years now and  have loads of energy lost my brain fog, given up alcohol and weigh 70kg.

     My big vision is.. I want every middle aged person who has the will power and commitment to live a full active life with an ageless attitude towards the future.

     Building a community of middle aged people who want to enjoy every minute of every day. By eating the best plant based food for staying fit, healthy flexible and mobile

    My message is for all those baby boomers out there who are ready and willing to kick all your bad habits and become reborn into a new person by transforming through good long lasting habits that enhance your life in so many ways , more energy, clarity bringing joy and fun back into your life, opening up your senses to the world around you,   becoming in tune with smells tastes and emotions,    seeing feeling all the positive things that life can give you,   releasing your full potential as a vessel of knowledge and wisdom

I will be inviting guests on the show who are truth seekers behind health diet and energy levels in the body with life hacks on living a successful life mediation free using natural remedies

     Guests with a story to tell overcoming health problems, addictions who are now living a full exiting life doing remarkable things to benefit Humanity.

Thank you for listening and god bless you all.

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