# Reclaim Living Outr..AGELESSLY may seem a contradiction however the concept of being able to Live Agelessly has been known to us since biblical times.

We are told that to enter the 'Kingdom of Heaven' we must begin embodying an attitude and beingness that is more 'childlike'.  Even, current research is beginning to show us that when we operate from a childlike abandonment state of letting go of things that limit us or hold us back such as: continual angst, stress, shame, guilt, overwhelming sadness, depression, resentment and unforgiveness we start to instantly find ourselves becoming lighter, more energised, more loving, open and freer. This is the optimum state that allows our body to reset itself and ultimately heal. 

It has also been shown that a real indication of our personal ageing process is dependent on how we optimise our body's energy stores. Moreover, if we constantly misuse our energy inefficiently that it will lead directly to us speeding up our aging process.

Your host, Sherine Lovegrove MSc., will open you to a new approach of metabolic and quantum healing approaches that will give you a deeper understanding of the many factors that influence your ageing process. You will also begin to set in motion your own 'energetic agenda' that will help you identify and transform limitations to you free-flowing DIVINE ENERGY.

Amongst her many guests, Sherine will be interviewing visionary healers, neuroscientists, quantum physicists, physicians all of whom will lovingly share their learning on how they successfully set in motion their own transformation process in spite of conventional attitudes and beliefs so that you can become the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF! 


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