Redeemer Community Church Sermons
Episode 47

Romans 14:1 'How to deal with Christians who believe differently'

Alec the Durdle published on

Each week, Pastor Chuck DeBardeleben gives us a deep dive into scripture from the pulpit of Redeemer Community Church in Ocala, Florida.  This week, we continue our study of the book of Romans.  For more information about RCC Ocala, visit


'How to deal with Christians who believe differently'


You may have noticed what what is 'God's will for me' quickly becomes 'This is God's will for everyone.'  It was a problem in the early church too.  Meat sacrificed to idols ended up being sold in the market and profits went to the local pagan temple.  Can a Christian buy and eat that mean with a clear conscience?  Remember that what it took 30 years for God to teach you, you'll want someone else to learn it in 30 minutes!  We're still wrestling on 'What it means to love.'



1. The freedom of the conscience

2. The nature of sin

3. The Lordship of Christ

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