Redeemer Community Church Sermons
Episode 49

Romans 14:12-23 Danger When You Know You're Right

Alec the Durdle published on

Each week, Pastor Chuck DeBardeleben gives us a deep dive into scripture from the pulpit of Redeemer Community Church in Ocala, Florida.  This week, we continue our study of the book of Romans.  For more information about RCC Ocala, visit


Danger when know you’re right!  


Why is that?  There's no need for God.  No need for Jesus.  No need for the Holy Spirit.  God is on your side.  There's an important principle here.  We get so intent on what we think is 'the right thing' that we ignore the impact on others.  When you know you're right, you only look at yourself.  And self is the biggest problem of all.   

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