Redefining Ready: Preparing the Workforce of the Future

Episode 92

Bernardo Garrido - Instilling a "College Going" Mindset

SchooLinks Jones published on

Listen in as Bernardo Garrido, Director of College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR) at Jubilee Academies discusses how Jubilee has been able to instill a “college going culture” in its students that has led to a tremendous postsecondary track record of success for Jubilee graduates. A “college going culture” and district-wide focus on postsecondary success doesn’t just happen on its own, and Jubilee has worked deliberately to create this mindset among its students and various levels of support staff. A K - 12 charter district, Jubilee is very intentional about exposing students to career clusters and professional opportunities at various age levels so that by the time students enter high school, forming a Personal Graduation Plan is relatively straightforward because students have already done a significant amount of thinking and planning regarding the graduation pathway they want to pursue. Bernardo and Rob talk about how Jubilee’s partnership with SchooLinks helps counselors individualize their guidance for students, and how critically important it is for counselors and educators to lead with enthusiasm and provide positive mentorship for students.

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