Redefining Ready: Preparing the Workforce of the Future

Episode 89

Brian Mathieson and Morgan Parker: Creating a Culture of Enthusiasm around Postsecondary Success

SchooLinks Jones published on

Listen in as Brian Mathieson and Morgan Parker join the program to talk about the culture of enthusiasm they have built around College and Career Readiness at Vancouver Public Schools. Vancouver takes a collaborative approach to the process with counselors and career specialists partnering to tailor their counseling to meet individual learners where they are. Following the motto of Enroll, Enlist, Employ, there is a postsecondary path out there for every student that should fall into one of those buckets. As the labor market is changing around us, success can no longer be defined simply by the percentage of students who are attending four year universities after high school. Communicating the abundant postsecondary possibilities to the entire school community is a constant process. So much more to this conversation! Listen in for more!

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