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Episode 19

RCR Podcast #14: Remember the Millvale Neon

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It was the worst day of shooting in RCR history, and this week, Brian tells the entire sordid story! Also, Nick talks film awards season, reviews projected Oscar frontrunner Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, and discusses how the original Star Wars was saved in editing. In addition, the guys get hyped for UFC 220, get into the minefield of modern dating, recall the ridiculousness of elementary school, and answer questions from fans on worst car paint colors, General Motors hate online, opinions on the R34 GTR, and more! 

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00:00 Remember the Millvale Neon: The Worst Shooting Day in RCR History

18:30 Stipe Miocic vs. Francis Ngannou: UFC 220 HYPE

25:08 More Millvale Neon talk + Interacting with the live chat

28:46 Roman talks film awards season and reviews Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

37:09 Star Wars: hype for The Last Jedi, prequel memories, how A New Hope was saved in editing

41:35 The weirdness of Tommy Wiseau + People on the fringes of society 

44:34 Dating is hard + trying not to "cross a line" + Yo mama jokes + stand-up comedy

51:46 Brian reads chat comments in creepy voice and talks worst car paint colors

54:59 The ridiculousness of elementary school 

60:00 The risk of inviting fan mail submissions + Tales of hometown stupidity

65:05 Ask RCR on R34 GTR, General Motors hate online, more

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