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Episode 20

RCR Podcast #15: The Christmas Party

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This week, Mr. Regular and The Roman recap the first-ever RCR Christmas Party, and offer completely spoiler-free reviews of Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi and future Oscar contender Lady Bird. In addition, the guys interact with the live chat, which features questions including the lack of iconic TV and movie cars, BMWs, Initial D, and more. We're off next week for Christmas, but we went extra-long this week, to make up for it!  Happy holidays, everyone! From Mr. Regular and The Roman. 


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00:00 RCR Christmas Party recap 

14:30 Nick loves The Golden Girls, Brian loves riding motorcycles, and more New Zealand planning

21:46 A final farewell to the MR2
24:30 Nick gives spoiler-free thoughts on Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Lady Bird

33:26 Chat questions on The Roman name, favorite motorcycles, RCR Stories, BMWs, more

47:25 Man challenges Woman to MMA fight, and why Nick won't mod his Mustang

55:20 Ask RCR question on iconic movie/TV cars, and why there aren't more new examples

65:09 Initial D and anime memories, historical film discussion, Brian applies for Motorweek

75:54 Andy Rooney was the Ultimate Old Man

80:30 RCR's Christmas break, cross-country road trips, chat room talk, holiday well-wishes

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