Relevate Presents: Scholars Ship
Episode 3

Don Jon with Dr. Cameron Brown

Eric Goodcase published on

Let’s talk about…porn? Eric talks to Dr. Cameron Brown about Joseph Gordon Levitt’s story of a man’s relationship with pornography: Don Jon. We discuss how porn impacted Jon’s life as well as his relationships with women and relate his experience to what the research says about pornography.

  • 0:00 - 4:36 Introduction to Dr. Cameron Brown

  • 4:37 - 13:13 Introduction to the movie Don Jon

  • 13:14 - 30:56 A portrait of our protagonist Jon

  • 30:57 - 41:30 The courtship of Barbara Sugarman

  • 41:31 - 57:40 Porn: The demise of Jon & Barbara

  • 57:41 - 1:15:42 Esther: Jon’s catalyst for change

  • 1:15:43 BONUS CONTENT Dr. Brown talking about the concept of porn addiction

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