Relevate Presents: Scholars Ship
Episode 9

No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits with Dr. Spencer Olmstead

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Scholars Ship goes casual and talks about two nearly identical 2011 films about non-committed sex, No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits, with emerging adult and sexuality researcher Dr. Spencer Olmstead. We discuss how the portrayal of casual sex in both movies compares to the research, how the couples in both movies navigate the ambiguity of their relationships, and even learn about "cuffing season" and "Gatsby-ing" along the way.


0:00-9:00 Introduction to Dr. Olmstead and the movies

9:01-24:16 Hollywood’s portrayal of casual sex compared with the research

24:17-35:36 How each relationship developed

35:37-46:32 Casual sex and emerging adults in context

46:33-54:11 Thoughts on the couples in each movies

54:12- 1:13:08 The role of technology and wrapping up

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